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Digital Caricature Commission

digital caricature commission birthday gift
Digital caricature commission

I was commissioned by the client to produce a caricature of this man as a 50th birthday gift. She provided a number of headshots of the subject - always useful, as it's good to have a variety to choose from. The bike was the subject's 50th birthday gift to himself.

I first sent a rough sketch (pen on paper) for approval of concept, and then did the final drawing using Autodesk Sketchbook on my Microsoft Surface Pro4. A good thing about this app is that a drawing can be done in a number of layers, allowing for clean lines and blocks of colour. I began with a rough sketch using a light grey line, to get everything in proportion, and then did the black outline and dynamic lines in the layer above. Having completed the outline, and hidden the rough layer, I then added a colour block layer between the two. This included both the solid colour blocks and the airbrushed highlights and shadows.

The completed drawing was exported to Photoshop (which preserves the layers) for some final tweaking, and it was then converted into a JPEG to send to the client, who is printing and framing it today!

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